Below is a list of links that have some connection with what we do and how we think. Helping people best capture and tell their stories is just one part of what we like of course. Our favourite football team is also on the list, as is our favourite microphone, the Rode and our favourite charity. It’s an eclectic bunch but they all say a little about us. is the blog. Have a hunt around and if you like it, follow us.

Oral History NSW This membership based organisation is the foundation of history collection in my home state.

Oral history Sydney Sponsored by the local council, this oral history collection is an important part of the history of Sydney

National film and sound archive This is a great repository of archival material from the early days of Australian radio and film. I love that we have organisations like this promoting the importance of storytelling Terrific Australian company making world class products. If you haven't tried a Rode microphone do yourself a huge favour and check them out. I use the rode podcaster and couldn't be happier with it. This website is a good source of the green point of view. It is not radical in any way, in fact is moderate but considered. The middle road if you like. I am of the view that too many things in Australia have been hijacked by calling them green. I love the probono concept and I think there should be so much more of it going on. In the days when I worked as an auctioneer I spent a lot of my spare time working for charities as their auctioneer at events and its great see the probing world is love and well. This is such a worthwhile project, check it out. I get really excited when people get clever for the benefit of others. The alternative technology association is a not for profit that is doing great work in education. My favourite football team. I am a guitar and ukulele player. So tenor and baritone guitars and of course ukes interest me. Having spent a decade working in the sport of lawn bowls, the subject of change is close to my heart.  I think I picked up my interest in cool old things from my first job working as a chattels auctioneer in Sydney. This is a pretty cool collection of interesting old photos. A very cool site to help non artists do arty stuff The Sir David Martin Foundation is a great charity based in New South Wales Australia that raises money to run programs for youth that have lost their way. Sir David was the Governor of this state and died very young from Mesothelioma and established the foundation shortly before he died. Check it out. We should all support something, and there are plenty of people that seriously do not get a fair shake. This charity aims to give young people a fair shake.

I'm sure I have missed something.