Mum and dad gave us the lifelog you did. It was the most amazing thing that I have listened to, it brought tears to my eyes. It has also changed my parents relationship with each other and with themselves. I think this project of yours is SO important, people getting to tell their life stories is just such beautiful thing. I loved it. THANKU AvantiS Sydney 

"Ive always known what extraordinary parents I have but to hear them tell their story themselves is something special and one that will be cherished for generations to come." SB Sydney

"Without the input and guidance provided, I may have had an interesting 20 minutes, but the 2 hours would have been impossible, thank you" Andrew B. Catlecrag Sydney 

"Michael is 100% reliable and someone you can put your trust in, you would never know as you listen to the finished product, but I was guided the whole way" William M. Vaucluse Sydney

"You have made me sound like a good guy, thank you, I think my grandkids will find this interesting" Sam C. Cessnock NSW